Where Do I Even Start?

In this beautiful book I read with my kids, Suzy is told by her mom to pick up her room. Her room is such a mess that she’s not even sure where to start. She feels overwhelmed by the mess. What should she do? 

Man starting at brick wall with question marks on post-it notes.

Where to start?

Have you been there? 

Have you ever taken a look at your kitchen, the piles of kids’ toys, your to-do list for work, and just stood there? 

Overwhelmed and unsure of where to even start? 

I have. 

The endless lists. The piles that keep appearing, like a game of whack-a-mole. The dishes, laundry, kids’ toys. The emails, slack messages, interruptions. 

Where do you even start? 

Do what Suzy and her mom do. (and what I do with my kids when their toys are all over the house). 

Play the seek and sort game. Pick one task, one list, one subject. And start. 

Process your emails (not just read them, but respond, delete, file, figure out the next action). 

Find that one task that’s been lingering on your list and do it. 

Find all the tasks that will take less than two minutes and see how many you can do in 30 minutes. 

The point here is to pick one spot, any spot, and tackle it. 

Set a timer for 15 minutes and work on that task you have been avoiding. 

And, if you’re really struggling, put all the tasks on separate sheets of paper in a bowl and draw one out. Do it. Repeat. 

Seek. Sort. Start. 

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