If you’re looking for something engaging and fun to listen to, check out these productivity podcasts!
Talking all things productivity and how it relates to the following topics:

  • Listening to and following the nudges in your life.
  • Living extraordinary lives.
  • Dealing with remote learning and everyone being home all the time!
  • Not stagnating in your life.
Listen in as Katie and I discuss being a mom and an entrepreneur. And how giving yourself a break makes you more productive!

How Did I Get Here?

Ever wondered how I went from mental health counselor to instructional designer to productivity coach? Here’s my story!

Profit With A Plan

Creating work-life balance while gaining more productivity, even in challenging times. Listen here.

Live Blissed Out

Listen for my top 3 strategies to master delegation in your life! Listen here.

The Living Alive Show

Autumn Shields is encouraging all of us to listen to that little voice nudging us forward in our life! And productivity is part of that! Find it here.

Talking with Teri

Being busy does not have to be a badge of honor. Listen here!

Move from Overwhelmed to Partnership

Find my conversation with Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones here.

Organize Your Stuff with Maria White

Maria White is a professional organizer helping clients downsize. Listen Here

Wild and Precious Optimal Living


LivFearlessly vLog with Rebecca Plautz. Found here.