One Big Interruption

This pandemic has been one big life interruption. Everything we took for granted, all our routines, everything has been interrupted.


By now, we’ve likely created some new routines and maybe even feel like we’re doing a bit more than surviving. Or maybe you still feel like you’re simply surviving each day (or barely hanging on). There is no right way to be dealing with a pandemic.

As much as we’re frustrated by this pandemic, it’s also an amazing time for a reset. I’ve heard from several moms about how much they enjoy not running from one activity to another. How much they enjoy dinner together as a family every night.

As we move into 2021 and see a light at the end of the tunnel, start thinking about what’s next.

Now is the time to start building routines, identifying what’s important to you, what you want your life to look like going forward.

  • What is it you truly want to continue doing as we move toward the next chapter of normal in our lives?
  • What needs to shift?
  • What’s really important to you and what does that look like in your life?

Take this time. I promise it will be well spent.

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