Simplify Your Decision Making

Today I want to talk about meta decisions and guiding policies and how these can help simplify your life. Lisa Montanaro describes meta decisions as umbrella-type decisions impacting the smaller decisions that follow. Having guiding rules and policies, as described by Lorie Marrero at the Clutter Diet, is also helpful in decision making.simplify your decision making

Let me provide some examples of how I use these in my own life. Many people are raising money for various charities. While I know they are all worthy charities, we decided several years ago to only give to 2-3 places of our choosing each year. I simply say no to any other requests. My family is considering making Sunday our family day. We will simply say no to any invitation we receive that is for an event on a Sunday. Before we had kids, my husband and I had a date night every Tuesday. We said no to any event that fell on a Tuesday. I work out on Monday afternoons and don’t schedule anything else that might interrupt that time.

Having these decisions made ahead of time sets boundaries for your life. It leaves breathing room and keeps your schedule from being too overwhelming. Maybe your kids get 1 sport and 1 other activity each semester (baseball and guitar lessons). Maybe you are only gone 2 nights a weeks (PTA meeting, dinner with friends). When something comes up that goes against these decisions, you can say no. No need to explain why not, just say no.

How could this benefit your life? What meta decisions can you implement today? Schedule a call or send me a message and let’s talk about how to incorporate meta decisions in your life!