A Simple Game Of Mousetrap

Have you ever played the game of Mousetrap? I remember sitting in my grandparent’s house, putting the game together. I don’t think we ever played the game as designed. Just put the pieces together and sent the marble through the system.

a game of mousetrap
put the pieces together.

There’s cause and effect. If something goes wrong, the end result is different. But, when things go smoothly, you get what you want at the end (unless you’re the mouse being caught). 

It builds on itself. You need the pieces to connect in a certain way for it to work. 

The same can be said for systems (and routines) in our own life. Pieces need to connect in certain ways. And when something is off, things can go wrong. 

What routines in your life need some work? What systems can you create? 

As we start a new school year, what routines do you need to build back into your family? 

Here are a few to think about. What do you need to put in place? What needs to be tweaked?

  • Laundry 
  • Meal planning 
  • Family meetings 
  • Processing emails (personal and work)
  • Recurring work tasks

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